Litter Bin Monitoring

System is our solution for monitoring the current status of waste bin fill-level. The dedicated sensor placed inside the bin measures the level of its filling with waste. These data, combined with information about the bin location, are sent to the system. The waste bin fill-level and bin location are shown on the digital map, so you know immediately which waste bins need to be emptied. The system automatically warns the user of problems such as waste bin overflow, tipping, fire inside the bin, or its unauthorized emptying (waste theft).


Detailed fill-level data insigh

Gain in-depth insights to understand the current efficiency of waste operations, empower fully dynamic collection routes, and optimize fixed collection schedules.


Reduce Overflowing Bins

Collect based on the containers fill-level to avoid unnecessary collections and keep city streets clean.


Stop unnecessary journeys

Demystify unpredictable filling rates and measure the current efficiency of fixed collection schedules.

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The Old Way of Doing Waste Management

Around 80% of waste collections happen at the wrong time.

Late waste collections lead to overflowing bins, unsanitary environments, citizen complaints, illegal dumping, and increased cleaning and collection costs.

Early waste collections mean unnecessary carbon emissions, more traffic congestion, and higher running costs.

The old way of doing waste management is highly inefficient. And in today’s ever-technological world, an innovative and data-driven approach is the only way forward.

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The Future of Waste Management .

In today’s ever-changing and unpredictable world, the waste sector needs a solution that empowers event-driven waste collection. Waste authorities need to move away from relying on historical waste trends and patterns that are no longer applicable to our modern way of life.

The entire waste industry needs a solution that utilizes real-time data to make sure that waste containers are only picked up when needed. And this is where smart waste management comes in.