Waste Management Solution for Collectors

The usage of technology in order to be more efficient when it comes to managing waste, Spotless city mobile App which acts as a center for waste collection companies and their clients fostering an efficient two way communication system. The app helps waste collectors to ultimately eliminate challenges faced in waste collection mobile that connects Households there waste collector.


Waste Management Citizen App

Sustainability starts at home. With spotless city , you can be sure your materials are collected safely and on-time — and most importantly — handled the right way for the environment.

spotless city app

Spotless city is a a smart waste management mechanism which when fully adopted will help improve the quality of waste management in the country. This will ultimately eliminate challenges in faced in waste collection such as pills of uncollected waste , overflowing of waste especially in market and bus station areas leaving our cities clean and healthy. With a healthy environment productivity in communities is guaranteed. When a city has less solid waste it undoubtedly is at a lesser risk of experiencing harsh environmental effects such as climate change.


Scheduled pickups

With just a few taps on your screen, you can request pickups and view real time status updates of your request.


Pay cashless

Make payments cashless through the app, view collection invoices, view payments history data.


Request service

Report missed pickups and connect directly with you customer support team.