Remote water level monitoring

Manhole fill level monitoring Sensoneo Octopus Water Level Sensor is an enterprise-class device for remote monitoring of rising water levels. It is intended as a remote overflow warning system. It measures the water (or any other liquid) level in a manhole. It’s fully adjustable for different depths up to 25 meters. Thanks to adjustable water level indicators (tentacles), Octopus can detect up to 3 different thresholds. When the water level rises and reaches one of the water level indicators (tentacles), the system sends an immediate notification.

We design, develop and produce the sensors and all software in-house and we are proud of it.


water level monitoring

water level remote monitoring

Our solution for detection of high water levels.

Immediate warning on rising levels

Sensors detect rising water levels. Eco-Octo water level sensor can detect up to 3 different thresholds.

Sustainable and resistant product

All R&D is conducted in-house. The hardware is of high quality, making use of top quality